Welcome to The Tennis Obsessed!

“You’ve seen the rest, now see the-“

I’ll stop before I lie.

If you’ve ended up here, then you’ve probably seen the likes of TENNIS.com and si.tennis (two of my regular stopping points.) Dedicated, reliable tennis sites.

But please hang on! Because with my passion at the ready, I’m all prepared for The Tennis Obsessed to bring you something worthwhile.

(Well, it had better, after all the trouble I’ve gone through setting it up.)

As I start this new site, I’m going to be frank and honest.

Welcome to The Tennis Obsessed!

Hi! I’m Abigail Johnson. I’m rubbish with computers. I haven’t got a clue about setting up blogs and websites (thanks for the help, WordPress!) Or designing beyond paint and pencil (thanks for the help, certain family members!)

HOWEVER. I know about writing. And I know about tennis. In fact, I love writing, and I absolutely love tennis. So surely that makes for an interesting tennis site for you all?

Well, if you have even the vaguest interest in the tennis world, then it should do. So read on!

(And I promise, this introduction won’t take too long…)

It’s Taken A While In Coming

I first planned on setting up this place a year ago. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since then. I remember it quite vividly: Sat on the floor with my notebook, thinking of website names, and planning my first article. If you’re interested, it was debating whether or not Serena Williams’ tough season-opening matches were smart play to save more energy for the rest of the year.

But it never happened. Since then, I’ve been finding outlets for my tennis ‘obsession’ via twitter, and by contributing to the tennis website The Changeover. You can check out my pieces there at this link.

Why didn’t I start up during last season? If I’m honest, the whole Setting Your Site Up bother might have been a factor. Technology really, really isn’t my thing (and while I’m on the subject, please don’t be scared away by the lack of content here at the moment! It will develop over time!)

But the biggest reason for the delay is that, with a tennis season in full, constant swing, there isn’t really a convenient time to start up part way through. As it is, the meagre off-season hasn’t done me any favours.

Finally, however, and thankfully, The Tennis Obsessed is here and here to stay! And to get us going, I’m simply going to answer four WH questions that you probably all went over at school. Purely for the good of you getting straight-forwardly informed. No offence.


In relation to the site name, it’s pretty straight forward. This site is / will be completely dedicated to tennis. More on that in the next little section.

In relation to me… Well, that’s even more obvious. Or should be, if I’ve been anything like true to myself while writing these opening paragraphs. I follow tennis every day from the beginning to the end of the season. Then in the weeks in between. I talk about tennis as much as possible. I play tennis as much as possible. I even dream about it. So…

And why this site? For several reasons, the first of those being because writing is what I’m good at. And so this is a way I can share my passion with you all. Secondly, one of my goals is to become a tennis writer, and this route should help send me on my way. And last but not least, because I feel I can still give you what other websites and blogs out there are not covering. For example, you can get bang on, professional deliveries of tennis content out there. And you can get wild fan opinions that are really rants and you would rather not be reading. I feel that – while there will obviously be exceptions to cover different areas – my writing and activity can give you a good cross between the two: Fan opinion, and expert information. And all while abstaining from personal bias!


There are a number of opinions I could list, but those three do a good job of covering it!


Obviously it’s a tennis website, but what kind of things will it cover?

If you have not already checked out the ‘About’ page, now would be a great time to do so. It’s brief, and still gives a good foundation for what might go on here over the next few months (I’m excited, which is a good sign!)

Here are just a few things that you’ll be able to find here over the coming weeks:

– Unique takes on matches and players, exploring sides of the stories that you and other sources might not think of at first glance.

– Reviews – not just of matches, but of all things tennis: tennis books, player’s tournaments, etc.

– Insights on Players – not just their careers, but what we know about them as people, and how that can help or hinder their game.

You can’t categorize everything, and there will be plenty other features to look forward to. I myself enjoy a bit of humour and sarcasm amongst everything, so prepare for some laughs! And please, feel free to comment below, and tell me what kind of things you would like to see here. The Tennis Obsessed may be created by me, but it’s even more about you!


The pro tour seasons run from January to November. The tiny off season spans the pittance few weeks in between. I say we go all year round.


Who is it for? Absolutely anyone!

Okay. Admittedly, you’re going to find it pretty boring if you hate tennis and spend your free time reading gardening magazines and painting pottery. But it’s for all of you out there: The ‘Tennis Obsessed’, the casual tennis fan, and the person who wants to start following tennis, but doesn’t know where to begin. You’re more than welcome to start here!

So there we go. The journey starts here, and I hope you’ll take it with me! The first official posts will be up within the next couple of days, and the season officially kicks off next week. From there, hopefully, we take off.

(Apart from the fact that somebody is away – out of every week it could have been – from the 5th to the 9th of January. Yeah… Things will probably be a bit slow during that week. BUT that doesn’t hinder anything in the long run!)

Anyway, thank you for reading this first post! Feel free to ask questions in the Comments section (e.g, Did you leave ‘wordpress’ in the web address out of laziness or poverty?)

Hopefully I’ll see you at the next post! Until then, you can follow The Tennis Obsessed on twitter @tennisobsessed_.

Again, thanks for reading!

(Note: Wondering about the continual use of the word Site? Well, I’m still not quite sure whether to class this as a Blog or an Official Website yet. We’ll give it a few weeks and see…)


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